- quinta dos amores -

“Quinta dos Amores” is an ecologic project. The goal is to contribute in any way to the earth and supporting biodiversity and the environement.

To that end we plan to document our process and the steps we are currently working on.
For the first step we bought a ca. 4ha piece of land in northern Portugal to start our permaculture and regeneration journey.

The land burned during a big fire in 2016 and we aim to restore the ecosystem, learn about rainwater harvesting and reforestation
as well as experiment with all kinds of natural building and gardening projects…

For now it is a blank canvas – diversity speaking – which makes it the perfect spot to start doing what we can for a small part of the earth.
Eventually we would like to expand.

There will be more information soon – For now this is what we are working on:


“Kunterbunt” Association for cultural, ecological and spiritual diversity,
was founded in 2020 in Vienna, Austria.
We are active worldwide and especially in Europe and are a non-profit association.

Become A Member to support the cause, and be part of the network!

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