- anima terra project -

Anima Terra Project is an expression of gratitude… towards life, the sun and the moon, heaven and earth.
We celebrate all things that make life possible as we know it. And the gift, that it is to be alive.

Together we grow, dance, laugh and evolve, and we will contribute what we can to make the facets of life even more varied.

Any kind of gathering is a ceremony, we celebrate healing, transformation, connection, communication,
expression and self-improvementv with workshops, events, circles, presentations, concerts etc.

Music / Yoga / Cacao Ceremonies / Sweat Lodges / Agnihotra / Contact Dance / Holotropic Breathing / Drums / Massage / Meditation
…and much more…

Soon we will post our upcoming events on our calendar! Thank you for your patience!

“Kunterbunt” Association for cultural, ecological and spiritual diversity,
was founded in 2020 in Vienna, Austria.
We are active worldwide and especially in Europe and are a non-profit association.

Become A Member to support the cause, and be part of the network!

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